Dear Exhibitors,
we are very happy to invite you to our world cat show in Athens Greece, a festive world show to celebrate our 5 years under the WCF system!
The show will take place at Markopoulo, at the horse race center.
You can sent your entries directly to our e-mail:
or via top cat platofrom here:
For Russian Speakers please contact our entry clerk Mrs. Olga Krutovertseva 
Mrs. Anna Rudakova- Vice President WCF (AB Russia) 
Mrs. Tetyana Cernova -General Secretary  WCF (AB, LATVIA)
Mr. Massimo Picardello TICA, WCF (AB ITALY)
Mrs. Katerina Anyfandi (SL, GREECE)
Why you should choose this show
Felina Greece is a small cat club, pretty new in the arena of cat fancy but has a true heart. It is a cat club build from scratch  from breeders to serve breeders and their cats.
We love the peaceful and smart cat shows , shows that people can connect, build their network, propose their taste of breeding out in the world. Our cat shows has free entrance for the public but also we have a very targetet group of people, a very strong and impressive fun club that visit our shows in every event we plan. 
We are trying to provide different  judges every year, each eye is unique so we love to hear different opinions, that makes us better, that inspires us to improve our selfs as exchibitors and as breeders. 
We do care about the cats, at our cat shows you will have always  free cat litter , and one use-litter tray for your lovely cats. Also are trying hard to get goodie bags from sponsors for all exhibitors . 
We care about you, our aim is  people to have a nice staying in our country enjoy the see, the wine and the sun, let us help you to have the most of Athens at this weekend.
Chairs  will be free of charge in our cat show.
How we can make the difference
​We believe that cat shows should have a sufficient amount of cats in order to be successful,  we encourage exhibitors to take the golden exhibitor combo, ​they can show more cats, and they will have a full service, priority on vet check, a full page colour advertisement at our catalogue and special prices for rings. 
If we have more entries that what we had already planned, more judges will announce, also there is a possibility for a jubilee-diamond ring to take place and of course for those who are attending at Balcan cup we will have a special ring for that too.
Lets make this cat show a beautiful experience for cats and people. 
Smart info
The weather by that time of year will be super sunny and officially summer for Greeks, so we would like to encourage you to stay longer and enjoy the beach.
Soon we will announce the hotels but it will more easy for us and for you if you could stay all together at one complex so we can provide a shuttle service from the apartments complex to the show hall and back.

you can call direct our P.R manager Mrs. Olga Krutovertseva to book for you 
+306937757870 (whatsapp & Viber) or send email

Regular prices (paid at the show hall) 
One day=30 euros /cat 
2 days =60 euros./cat 
Early bird  from 26.02.2018-20.03.2018  20 euros one day- 40 euros 2 days 
(only for paypal or bank transfer paid until 20.03.2018) 
Special golden exhibitor  combo=500 euro (paid into parts , full paid until 20.04.2018 only via bank transfer) 
Up to 7 cats, all rings included, both days,  a full colourful page with the advertise of your cattery (or your service) 
Priority  at vet check. A special medal from our club. A goodie bag. Free post service, your certificates will be send via post, in  order not to wait at Saturday evening.
 **(normal price should be 790 euro , worth for money) 
Rings : Adult , kitten, special, neutered=10 euro/cat per day 
Master -double-triple=15 euro/per cat 
Advertise at our catalogue
full page =100 euro
Inside hard cover =200 euro
half page 60 euro
Doors open for the exhibitors at 9.00
9.10-10.15 vet check 
(judges arrive at the show hall at 10.00) 
10. 20 opening 
10.30 Traditional judgments 
13.00 Neuter ring 
13.30 Special naked cats  ring 
14.00 kitten ring 
15.00 Adult Ring 
15.00-16.00 break 
16.30 RESUM 
17.00 Best in show /Best of Best 
20.00 dinner at the hotel complex 
Doors open for the exhibitors at 9.00
9.10-10.15 vet check 
(judges arrive at the show hall at 10.00) 
10.30 Traditional judgments 
13.00 Neuter ring 
13.30 Special  Balcan ring 
14.00 kitten ring 
14.40 Adult Ring 
15.20-16.00 small break 
16.10 Master Ring 
17.00 Double Master 
17.30 Triple Master 
18.00  Best In show /Best of Best
19.00 Best supreme.
20.00 closing /documents/certificates 
Please you note  you have to wait until 20.30 for the documents-certificates of Sunday if your cat has been niminated.

Safe Pet System

Ασφαλίστε την γάτα σας, είτε πρόκειται για κατοικίδιο, είτε για εκτροφική γάτα.
Με τα αποκλειστικά πακέτα που εξασφάλισε η Felina
για εσάς και την γατούλα σας!
Εlit παροχές, απόλυτη ασφάλεια, μπορείτε να ασφαλίσετε και ολόκληρο το εκτροφείο σε προνομιακές τιμές.
Αφορά αποκλειστικά μέλη της Felina Greece.
Ρωτήστε μας!

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Contact us

Felina Greece

Epidavrou 39 str. 15233



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