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Felina photo contest August 2020
Felina photo contest August 2020

Summer means Sun, Aegean sea breeze and Cats.
After a long and difficult winter we are all thirsty for relaxation, vacations and cats..
Here in Felina we want to see the unique relationship you have, with your furry companion.
So, take you camera, pose together, write us a quote that describes your friendship and win our contest!
After all .. “What greater gift than the love of a cat” Charles Dickens

Applications for the contest should be sent by email from 1- 31 of August 2020.

Cost: 5€ per entry payed to our paypal account Necessary is: The name of the participant with the marking " Cat & Owner photo contest August 2020"
Best 20 photos together with the names of the participants, will be posted in Association Felina Greece Facebook page.
1 place trophy : a cat tree (La digue ii) 163 cm tall.
2nd place trophy : a wooden cat cave
3 place trophy : a scratch mat
Please read carefully the terms of our competition and submit your entries right Miaou!
Let's celebrate all together the unique bond felines can make with their humans, we want to see cats of all kinds and breeds, strays, moggies, housecats, kitten, elder cats, beautiful felines from all around Europe. Let's raise the popularity of our favourite pets, let it be a hymn for people who live, work, sleep, rescue, and volunteer with cats.
Let's make a point, let's share our pation for our cats with this unique photo contest.
This August, month of feline awarennes let's celebrate the summer and true the meow-cat love!

By sending your online application and registering for the contest entrants
are considered to accept all the terms of the competition

Every cat owner, member or not of Association Felina Greece , who lives, in EU can take part in the competition.
The Judge comittee is : Mrs. Katerina Anyfandi Ragdoll Breeder & WCF Judge, Mr. Christos Romanos Russian Blue Breeder & Pet photographer , Mr. Vaggelis Klouvas Awarded professional photographer.
First and second degree relatives of the Judges commitee do not have the right to particpate at the contest.
Participation in the competition is done exclusively by sending your application via email to . Applications sent after the 31st of August will not be accepted.
All photos must be taken from 1st- 31st of August. Do not send us older photos and do not delete your metadata.
Each file must be in JPEG, RGB format and should not exceed 4 MB in


*Watermarked photos are excluded the competition.
*Each photo must have a unique title - quote that describes it.
*Entries submitted without the corresponding payment will not be judged
*Each Cat Owner can submit as many photos as he likes. Each photo is considered a different entry, followed by payment.
*Each photo must be the work of the participant. Upon submission of their works the participants declare and acknowledge that they assume full and exclusive responsibility for any of photos they have submitted and that they agree to intervene in favor of the Association Felina Greece from any claim of third parties for any claim or damage of any kind including indicative claims of third parties for the protection of personal data or for copyright infringement or in case of defamation or breach of privacy.

By submitting their works to the competition, the participating photographers explicitly consent to the processing, retention and use of all personal data they submit, including e-mail addresses, by Association Felina Greece for purposes related to any activities of the Association Felina Greece. They also acknowledge and accept that their participation in the competition implies that the photos that have been awarded and the result lists with their names, may be posted and posted on social media sites and websites media such as Facebook.
Association Felina Greece will not refund any payment for images that do not comply with the rules and definitions set in these terms.
The results of the contest 1st 2nd and 3rd place and the best 20 photos will beannounced on 30th of September 2020.
Winners will be notified via email. Felina is obligated to deliver the prizes at winner's adress.

In your email you should attach
1. Your photo or photos
2. proof of payment via paypal (*we accept only paypal)
3. your entry form with your info

Each entry is one photo= 5 euros
You can submit as many entries as you wish


Safe Pet System

Ασφαλίστε την γάτα σας, είτε πρόκειται για κατοικίδιο, είτε για εκτροφική γάτα.
Με τα αποκλειστικά πακέτα που εξασφάλισε η Felina
για εσάς και την γατούλα σας!
Εlit παροχές, απόλυτη ασφάλεια, μπορείτε να ασφαλίσετε και ολόκληρο το εκτροφείο σε προνομιακές τιμές.
Αφορά αποκλειστικά μέλη της Felina Greece.
Ρωτήστε μας!

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